BAI Shaoliang,ZHU Siqi,WANG Min,et al.Composition identification and quantitative evaluation of column moment amplification factors for RC frame members in Chinese seismic design code[J].EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING DYNAMICS,2017,37(05):077-86.[doi:10.13197/j.eeev.2017.05.77.baisl.009]





Composition identification and quantitative evaluation of column moment amplification factors for RC frame members in Chinese seismic design code
白绍良1 朱思其1 王敏1 朱爱萍2
1. 重庆大学 土木工程学院, 重庆 400045;
2. 中国建筑科学研究院, 北京 100013
BAI Shaoliang1 ZHU Siqi1 WANG Min1 ZHU Aiping2
1. College of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China;
2. China Academy of Building Rearch, Beijing 100013, China
earthquake-resistant RC frameseismic measuresfactor ηccomposition factor evaluatoin
Using column moment amplification factor ηc in seismic design is one of key earthquake resisting measures for reinforced concrete (RC) frame members,which can promote a good yield distribution pattern and good performance and safety of structures under strong earthquakes. So far, although the effectiveness evaluation results of the factor ηc in Chinese design specification has been published, little research has been conducted to analyze the composition factor and quantitative evaluation of the factor ηc.Therefore, three regular RC frame structures were strictly designed according to the current Chinese code,which respectively located in seismic region 7(0.15g),8(0.20 g) and 9(0.40 g). Nonlinear dynamic analysis under multiple sets of rare earthquakes was finished. Dynamic response analysis results throughout the whole time and "beam moment overstrength" were calculated to indentify the composition factor. The two main factors that determine the value demand of ηc are as the following:the "beam moment overstrength" and the "moments proportion growth rate that in the rare level earthquake relative to the frequent level earthquake of the upper or lower column ends", which was under the premise that the beam end has generally yielded in the rare level. While the axial force change of the column in the rare level relative to the frequent level is of no significant effect. Based on the above quantitative analysis results of the two main factors of the three typical frameworks, the reasonable values of ηc for different seismic grades are further evaluated.


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