YIN Xiaosan.Evaluation and determination methods on yield point of structural components without obvious yield feature[J].EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING DYNAMICS,2019,39(03):143-150.[doi:10.13197/j.eeev.2019.03.143.yinxs.014]





Evaluation and determination methods on yield point of structural components without obvious yield feature
中原工学院 建筑工程学院, 河南 郑州 451191
YIN Xiaosan
School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 451191, China
yield pointductility factorequal energy methodfarthest point methodbilinear energy equivalent area method
It is significant to derive the yield point of structural components without obvious yield features in order to evaluate the ductility and energy dissipation capacity of these structures. However, there is no unified and definite expression of yield point determination methods for structural components without obvious yield features. For above problems, firstly, the existing methods employed to determine the yield point were summarized and the basic principles of these methods were revealed. Secondly, calculation method and calculation procedure were simplified and improved. Thirdly, theoretical analysis of relationship and reasons of different calculation results among above methods were carried out. Finally, the correctness of theoretical analysis results was verified by an example. The conclusion is obtained that the yield displacement calculated by above three methods from the size followed by equal energy method, the furthest point method, and bilinear energy equivalent area method; the amount of the calculation work from the size followed by bilinear energy equivalent area method, the furthest point method, and the equal energy method.


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